Premium acoustic and thermal fiber-based

The DECI-TEX® platform is a fiber-based, acoustic and thermal technology that yields a broad range of products, all being tunable and engineered for customer-specific applications.

What is DECI-TEX®?

The lightweight acoustics and thermal insulation solutions with superior performance

DECI-TEX® delivers premium acoustic and thermal performance at lower weights and thicknesses.  DECI-TEX® Engineered Fiber Solutions yield high resilience and achieve superior mechanical integrity over other forms of nonwoven insulation.

DECI-TEX® is part of the Engineered Fiber Solutions (EFS) product family, specializing in lightweight, high-performance fiber-based technologies. Combining decades of expertise in polymer science, and our non-woven fiber manufacturing, acoustic engineering, modeling, and automotive part design, DECI-TEX® technologies set a new standard at OEMs for delivering lightweight, cost-effective acoustic and thermal insulation performance using sustainable, recyclable materials.

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DECI-TEX® combines L&L’s  expertise in engineered fiber, lamination technology, and secondary processing to offer a highly tunable and versatile portfolio with superior performance.


The DECI-TEX® portfolio offers a broad range of fiber technology for better acoustic performance and thermal insulation. Our primary product categories include: T-Series, V-Series and X-Series.

DECI-TEX® T-Series

Thermoformable Fiber Sound Absorption

  • Highly compacted, fiber-based non-woven composite.
  • Giving a shape to the acoustic solution through thermoforming to a 3D part of the material.
  • Unique combination of tunable acoustic performance, weight saving, and recyclability.
  • Perfect fit with mega trends in the automotive industry, especially for electric vehicles.
  • Typical applications include acoustic efficient airducts and quiet hush-panels.

Regional availability: APAC, EMEA

DECI-TEX® V-Series

Vertically Lapped Fiber for Thermal and Acoustics Performance

  • Vertically lapped, fiber-based technology.
  • Able to yield a broad range of products, all being tunable and engineered for customer-specific applications.
  • Delivers premium acoustic and thermal performance at lower weights with less material usage compared to competitive products.

Regional availability: APAC, EMEA, India and North America

DECI-TEX® X-Series

Horizontally Lapped Fiber for Superior Thermal Performance

  • Horizontally lapped, thermoformable fiber-based technology for acoustic and thermal applications.
  • Non-toxic material with high temperature resistant and low shrinkage.
  • Excellent chemical and biological resistance.

Regional availability: APAC, India


DECI-TEX® is highly versatile and offers a highly customizable
product range that could be precisely engineered for
customer-specific applications.

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